• 10/26/2015
    6:00 AM
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7 Basic Network Security Mistakes You're Probably Making

With the rapid growth in cyber-attacks, securing data networks is more important and complex than ever. Be on the lookout for these common security blunders that can leave your company's networks and systems at risk.



Great idea to highlight this often overly broad and complex topic using a slideshow to break each security issue into a manageable chunk that doesn't bore the reader to death with an overload of "tech" speak. Taking notes for a future blog as we speak. Bravo!


Password !!! One of the potential threat and security cause, hackers have found all the ways to crack combinations, creating a strong password these days is a mandate. One of the easy target for hackers is Weak and blank passwords. Although we now have 02 level security protection in most of the applications/ websites, providing strong support to access systems.

Re: Password

@virsingh, I agree that strong passwords are critical, but just wonder about the burden on users to remember them, especially if there's a requirement to change the strong password every few weeks.

Re: Password

@Marcia: This is why many infosec experts are going against the common wisdom and advising people -- provided that they pick truly difficult-to-guess passwords with high entropy -- to write down their password and keep it in a safe place (i.e., not in the top desk drawer or taped to the computer monitor), so that they can manage more difficult passwords.

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@Marcia   I am going through this right now - taking over systems that were created by others.  I am thinking as hard about the password as the issue itself.  


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@Marcia A great trick for creating complex but also easy to remember passwords it to use a passphrase instead. I also know many people who keep their passwords stored in their wallet for safekeeping. 

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Thanks @Sagiss. Passphrases do seem like a good alternative, but I've also read that users need to choose random words for the phrase otherwise they can be cracked pretty easily.

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No problem @Marcia! Landing on a solid passphrase, just like a password, can be a tricky ordeal. I think this article on The Intercept would be a great resource for you-- . It has the dos and don'ts of picking a passphrase you can actually remember and that won't get hacked.

Re: Password

Diceware -- very cool, I appreciate the tip @Saggis!

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I agree you @Marcia, in fact most of the big companies have mandate to change the password every 45-60 days, else login user may expire. Although this is good practice but remembering a password is another big task, every user has to follow. I am not sure if it is recommendable or secure enough but we have number password manager applications on Android and apple store where you can store your password. Anyone here had experience on these applications.

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@virsingh I don't have any experience with password managers, but there seem to be a lot of reviews available. I've always been leery of storing passwords in one place.

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@virsingh211     Good point regarding passwords. While I agree of course that they should be as strong as possible, but they have become so difficult in some companies that you need a vault to manage them.

I don't know if there is any answer to this, just an observation.

Re: Password

I understand your observation @ClassC, considering the fact that business and personal life is moving towards internet very aggressively, the number of sites are increasing every day with our usage, every site ask for login. I guess on an average a user has 10 sites to login a day which means at least 08 passwords need to be created, all of them can be same but in my case i prefer to keep banking and official credentials entirely different from regular one's.

e-vault sounds good option, not sure though.

Network Maintenance and General Up Keep

There is alot of information to chew on in this topic. Everything mention is basic maintenance, yet one would be surprised to learn of how many companies fail to meet these basics.

Just because you have a firewall in place does not mean maintenance should not be proactively continued.

Network Security

Great to have more and more posts on security. We need to follow the best pratices to avoid some well known problems. The security market here for example is very increasing.