Flash Storage: What's Your Best Option?
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2/3/2014 | 1:44:42 PM
Start with Understanding Your Performance Requirements
George is on target with his analysis on when to deploy server-side flash versus flash in a networked storage device.  When looking at networked storage, the key to making the right SSD/HDD tradeoffs is understanding the workloads that will interact with the storage system.  The best approach to characterizing your installed workloads is to leverage a workload analysis and modeling solution from organizations like Load Dynamix.  One you have a realistic model of your applications, you can easily gnerate load to test multiple products from different vendors and also evaluate the various SSD/HDD configurations to see what is most cost-effective and affordable for YOUR specific application workloads.

Drew Conry-Murray
Drew Conry-Murray,
User Rank: Strategist
2/3/2014 | 9:48:13 AM
Is Storage the Problem?
There's some good advice here. I'm also wondering if there are things IT should investigate first before they decide that storage is the problem?
Li Tan
Li Tan,
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2/3/2014 | 1:34:36 AM
Careful evaluation is needed
For flash stroage in big DC, we need to do careful evaluation to decide which one is the best option. Simply purchasing an all-flash array is not the simple answer we are seeking for as IT professionals. The traditional WD has its advantage such as low cost and high capacity. Furthermore, its performance is not so bad and can fulfil most of our needs. The flash storage array would be mainly suitable for those scenarios that demands high frequency data reading/writting such as real-time financial transaction.

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