2014 Will Put The Software In SDN
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Robert A.
Robert A.,
User Rank: Apprentice
12/16/2013 | 4:09:07 PM
... and SDN means.. what, exactly?
The author is so wrapped up in his focus that he has committed the primary sin of technical writers: assuming that his readers all know the meaning of his acronyms.  Which one of the 48 listed uses of 'SDN' as an Information Technology Three-Letter Acronym (IT TLA) are we referring to here?  (See -- that wasn't so hard, was it?)
Susan Fogarty
Susan Fogarty,
User Rank: Strategist
12/16/2013 | 2:28:41 PM
SDN apps and edu
Dan, I'm not so sure SDN-enabled applications will be big in 2014. I believe people will be thinking about how to create and implement them, but bringing them to fruition may be more difficult than we thing. I totally agree that SDN education will be everywhere -- it's definitely at the top of my to-do list!

Community members, what are your thoughts on SDN in 2014?
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