Flash Storage: Ready For Writes
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John Scaramuzzo
John Scaramuzzo,
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2/1/2013 | 4:02:31 PM
re: Flash Storage: Ready For Writes
We couldnG«÷t agree more, George! There are no two ways about it G«Ű todayG«÷s enterprise applications require high I/O. I touch on this in my latest blog post. Check it out and let me know what you think.

-John Scaramuzzo, President of SMART Storage Systems
Faye Kane, homeless brain
Faye Kane, homeless brain,
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1/19/2013 | 11:56:55 PM
re: Flash Storage: Ready For Writes
That was absolutely fascinating! Most IT columns just give opinions, not real information I can use.

But can't we greatly expand SSD life by increasing overprovisioning ourselves, just by not partitioning, say, 20% of our drive? It costs, yes, but wouldn't that also greatly extend write life, assuming the load-leveling algorithm is good? The firmware DOES know to use unpartioned space as load-level space, right?

In fact, won't partitioning the whole drive and always leaving 20% free do the same thing? I can't imagine that unused partitioned space isn't used in load-leveling, but I don't want to assume anything when I'm responsible for other people's valuable data.

Making sure the drive has that much free is a good idea anyway, to reduce fragmentation when a large file is allocated (assuming you defragment and so you have a large contiguous extent), and to allow for capacity when unexpected, very huge files may be created. At least, that's how I've always looked at it. You know more than I do; is that view valid?

Thanx agin,


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