Cloud Automation: Even Cattle Need Care
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8/7/2014 | 11:43:24 AM
Re: Interesting post
Karen, thanks for your comment. I think there's a couple of interrelated things happening here. While I would agree that the cloud skills gap is real and therefore certainly a contributing factor, I also think that overuse of the "cattle vs. pets" analogy (and the resulting oversimplification to "I don't need to care for my workloads" that frequently occurs) might actually be contributing to the cloud skills gap. In other words, organizations think that going to "cloud" means they don't have to develop skills, tools, processes, and procedures to handle workloads because in the cloud, it's all cattle instead of pets. Hence, the cloud skills gap.

My key point is that, as an industry, we need to shift the discussion around "cattle vs. pets" to a discussion of orchestration, automation, systems, tools, processes, and procedures for operating at scale.
Susan Fogarty
Susan Fogarty,
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8/7/2014 | 9:16:44 AM
Re: Interesting post
Kbannan, that's an excellent observation, and thanks for the link to the infographic. A lot of IT departments (probably the majority) are still struggling to assimilate cloud administration and managment into their operations. It may partly be a case of who is repsonsible for the job, as well as missing skills.
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8/6/2014 | 11:59:42 PM
Interesting post
Interesting post. Do you think the lack of care in the cloud has anything to do with the fact that -- for a lot of people -- they don't have the time, ability and skills to handle these issues? There's been lots of talk about the cloud skills gap (see infographic here: ) and how it is affecting everything from growth to mundane tasks like you mention in this article.




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