25 GbE: A Big Deal That Will Arrive
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User Rank: Ninja
7/31/2014 | 11:44:14 PM
Re: A compelling argument for 25 Gbs
*smiles* I'm suddenly reminded of the bad old ATM days when 10MBps Ethernet was common, and IBM really really really wanted to see 25Mbps ATM to the desktop.
User Rank: Black Belt
7/31/2014 | 11:07:56 PM
Digital Divide
I wonder if this will have a significant impact on ISPs and in turn, the debate on the digital divide.  As far as the US goes, there's still a tremendous amount of buildout necessary to bring faster speed to certain areas.  This affects not just consumers but companies as well.
Pablo Valerio
Pablo Valerio,
User Rank: Author
7/30/2014 | 6:48:02 AM
IEEE Approval
"The IEEE has a notoriously slow process for voting and consensus building. This has led to splinter organizations like the Ethernet Alliance and the Metro Ethernet Forum, groups that develop standards and technology at a more practical and useful pace before passing them to the IEEE for approval."

That is true, but the IEEE approval process also ensures compliance and compatibility. Left to their own devices many vendors and "alliances" will push more closed "standards" and form a cartel.
Charlie Babcock
Charlie Babcock,
User Rank: Apprentice
7/29/2014 | 6:51:37 PM
A compelling argument for 25 Gbs
I had assumed the next step from 10 Gbs Etherenet would be to 40 Gbs, but the argument that the top of rack switch needs to move to 25 Gbs is a compelling one.
Jeff Jerome
Jeff Jerome,
User Rank: Apprentice
7/29/2014 | 9:44:40 AM
Need a big fat pipe coming in too
Great article interesting points and nice graphics.  As we look at what Google is doing with dropping fiber to the home and doing tests in certain geographies do you think that will migrate over to the pipes coming in too a data center?  Which could also be located in the same geography.

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