IoT: The Network Impact
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User Rank: Ninja
7/9/2014 | 11:10:53 PM
Re: agile networking
I think you have hit the nail on the head -- without the Cloud, data analytics would be very difficult and without data analytics it is difficult to create value that drives the functionality of a device higher. And without a network capable of handling the data needs, value created cannot be implemented.

It is this interlinked nature of the IoT that makes it extremely interesting. Whether, networks are to become vastly more centralized or decentralized depends a lot on the type of products that will constitute the majority of those 50 billion connections. Either way, the network is a good place to understand the changes that are on their way. 

SDN is important in the network to enable network orchestration, etc. I feel that SDN is also important on the business side, as it enables the kind of long term relationships between data service providers and device producers that will be needed. 
User Rank: Apprentice
7/9/2014 | 1:56:25 PM
Re: agile networking
First, it is about the scale of the network. IoT is about billions while SDN today is focused on millions. One of the primary market drivers of SDN was the need to increase the scale by a few orders of magnitude, i.e., from being able to handle thousands of users to millions and the automation and agility that would be required to operate efficiently at that scale. Second, it is about administrative domains. While SDN is currently addressing automation and self-service through abstraction and orchestration, it assumes a fair degree of sophistication by its user. IoT will be about self-service for the common man. This requires a much higher level of abstraction and simplicity. And then there are other areas of IoT such the need for virtual distributed datacenters closer to the user because of real-time needs. SDN today is mostly about automation and agility for a (few) large data center(s).
User Rank: Strategist
7/9/2014 | 11:52:10 AM
agile networking
PG, Can you elaborate on how software-defined networking only begins to address the IoT needs for agile networking? What else needs to happen?

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