Unified Communication Doesn't Mean Unified Interaction
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Jeff Jerome
Jeff Jerome,
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7/31/2014 | 11:01:06 PM
Re: Sounds Good - What is Old is New Again.
One of the tools that I see being brought back under the heading of Unified communications is the "All Hands" meeting room.  Large spaces where employees meet in person face to face and communicate.  I have heard my clients call it a producttivity tool and true collaboration.  What is Old is New Again.
Pablo Valerio
Pablo Valerio,
User Rank: Author
6/22/2014 | 12:01:53 PM
Re: Sounds Good
Susan, I did a couple of banking proyects for a Unified Communications company in Japan and China and our biggest concern was the use of the ATM networks.

Still today it is difficult to have a seamless experience over non-dedicated networks, especially when using mobile devices. That's why some high-end services are still using dedicated lines and hardware.

Mobile services companies such as Comverse have been introducing mobile tools to the UC market, and they are offering better tools to manage the range of devices people use today.
Susan Fogarty
Susan Fogarty,
User Rank: Strategist
6/20/2014 | 5:33:57 PM
Re: Sounds Good
Alison, right, it sounds good, but is very dependent on getting those tools right and matching the workers' actual workstyle. It seems like at least a few companies thought they were doing this already but have been doing a pretty bad job of it. I guess the proof will be in the pudding, as you say!
User Rank: Strategist
6/20/2014 | 4:23:36 PM
Sounds Good
It sounds good, since this approach doesn't require employees to change their workstyle -- unless, perhaps, an alternate tool (email instead of fax, perhaps) is more approrpriate. 
User Rank: Strategist
6/20/2014 | 3:28:15 PM
Unified interaction platform
Hi Curtis -- Can you provide an example of how an enterprise might be able to start building this kind of platform?

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