The Next Hot IT Job: Service Broker
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3/31/2014 | 5:57:33 PM

"If you were to read the above description of what an IT service broker does, you might conclude that businesses using cloud services will no longer require in-house technical experts such as network and server architects. But this assumption would be misguided. In-house technical staff will still be required, but their duties will change. The main difference is in how their technology expertise will be applied as they move to the service broker role."


I'm not sure I'm reading this right. What I'm hearing is that even with brokers we will still need in-house technical experts. But then you continue - I think - to say that it those technical experts will become brokers. That sounds a little circular to me. I guess what you're saying is that the brokers must still be technical experts?


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3/31/2014 | 12:22:34 PM
IT Brokerage
It is interesting to comtemplate how cos. can leverage cloud for rapid deployment. Since cloud-based systems have near-immediate availability, resilience and scalability. Combine this with offshore resources for development and maintenance and you have a near perfect platform for new and disruptive tech. to bite on. However, for established cos. there are entrenched security concerns which are not abated by CBO (cloud-based operations) any more than at a remote data center facility, this is also true on maturation of disruptive tech. Does this mean that CBO is primarily a launch platform, and does it follow that IT Brokers are segmented? Thanks Andrew.

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