A Snapshot of IPv6 for World IPv6 Launch Day

, June 06, 2012 Celebrate World IPv6 Launch day with facts, figures, insights and more to help you plan for that inevitable IPv6 migration.
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Growth in autonomous systems is one thing, but what's running on IPv6? According to Hurricane Electric, the number of IPv6 AAAA DNS records in the top-level domains is small, making up less than 1% of all domains (with the noted exception of .de in Germany). Of those AAAA records, an even smaller number of IPv6-enabled DNS glue records exist. That means that some domains have IPv6 records added, but there's no way to reach them. It's parking, of a sort.

According to Alexa, many popular sites (including Facebook, Google, Vonage and our own InformationWeek and XKCD) have IPv6 addresses. Network Computing is partially IPv6-enabled. The main site is reachable via IPv6, but the media and ad elements are still IPv4 only.

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