• 02/23/2016
    6:00 AM
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Internet Of Things Startups Pushing The Limits Of Innovation

These young companies are making the hardware and software enabling tomorrow's connected devices and systems.


IoT Feels too much like a Buzzword.

I hope its not just me but ever since all the Major Hardware/Software Vendors in IT have started flaunting the IoT Label the whole meaning of IoT has gotten somewhat diluted.

Am I the only person who feels similarly here?

Re: IoT Feels too much like a Buzzword.

Ashu -- There's definitely a lot of hype around IoT, but so far hype around other technologies -- like the software-defined label -- has become more tiresome to me.

Since Power Management will be Key...

Since Power Management (alongwith Privacy Management)will be Key in the IoT World,I have a strong feeling that Humvavox(the company based out of Israel) will do really well going ahead.

Anyone willing to bet that they will soon be acquired by one of the Biggies like Intel or MSFT?

Re: Since Power Management will be Key...

Interesting Ashu, I hadn't heard of Humavox, but it looks like an interesting company that will likely get snapped up soon.