• 11/03/2015
    10:30 AM
    Alan Joch, Contributor
  • Alan Joch, Contributor
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7 Building Blocks For Enterprise IoT

Behind all those flashy applications enabled by the Internet of Things is a stark reality -- enterprises must create a highly reliable and secure infrastructure before they can capitalize on it.



There's no question that IoT is going to put pressure on networking and storage, but I wonder if many organizations are preparing for that.

Re: IoT


I am sure as you have also observed this trend/behavior very-very closely IT Enterprise Decision-making/ Spending tends to be reactive rather than proactive.

Just for example check out how many Enterprises have patched their Websites to the latest version of Wordpress or their ERP Systems forthe latest versions of Oracle/SAP(which themselves tend to be atleast 6- 9 months behind Attackers in the wild).

Don't be surprised if Companies here also wait for their Networks/Grids to get overloaded/overwhelmed first before they upgrade their Infrastructure.

It should'nt surprise any Seasoned IT Industry oberver a bit.



Re: IoT

Sad but true Ashish. There's always a lot of talk about being proactive, but executives often don't put their money where their mouth is.

What about Media processing Engines?


Thank you very much for sharing all this great information with us here at NC!

I wanted to know how much of an effect do you the massive amounts of Audio and Video these Connected IoT Devices which will generating have on the whole Basic Networking Infrastructure of the Enteprise.

Also,do you feel Media Processing Engines and especially those which have the capability to filter the really useful bits of data from the rest of the noise will prove to be a powerful/useful tool going ahead?

Is it possible to ensure every single Connected IoT Device has such an Media Processing Engine?

Sure,it would involve a lot of up-front cost initially but the whole thing will be worth it in the long-run as the Savings on Core Infrastructure wil be much higher otherwise.

Thanks for this Awesome Report!