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    Kevin Casey
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10 Leaders In Internet Of Things Infrastructure

The Internet of Things needs a strong backbone for the many billions of connected devices and apps most prognosticators expect. Find out which companies are building the IoT behind the scenes.


IoT leaders

As Agrawal notes, every IT and telecom company is involved in IoT, so it's nice to have this list as a starting point.

Re: IoT leaders

Interesting to see ARM in this list, one readily thinks of Intel and Cisco but a company I consider (small for some reason) is encouraging to see reconignized as an integral piece of the IoT infrastructure pie.



Another company that I was not aware of, yet really catches my attention as they were aquired by Amazon, a company that is gaining my respect by the day as I learn of their AWS environment.

It will be really interesting to see how the minds at Amazon incorporate the strengths of this company towards their IoT efforts.

Cyberlightning - IoT Data Visulization Pioneer ?

"Cyberlightning focusing on data visualization for IoT solutions with a particularly interesting 3D visualization tool."


This will be a huge area of importance within IoT and it is nice to see a company taking on this challenge as well. Visualization is so important to the consumer and important part of IoT appliance acceptance.

This is a good move, if a company has the will to carry it out !

IoT: Increases the Security and Privacy Risk Issue

I am really glad Mr. Agrawal  mentioned Security and Privacy first and foremost as a chief concern of IoT infrastructure.  

Security is the real elephant in the room, and no not everyone can deal with Cisco for their security needs.  

It is already affecting IoT efforts in automobiles for instance and the problem will only get worse as devices proliferate.

Re: IoT: Increases the Security and Privacy Risk Issue

Good point ClassC. Our sister site, Dark Reading, just posted an article about an industry group releasing recommendations for IoT security. It talks about the supply chain being the weakest link.

Re: IoT: Increases the Security and Privacy Risk Issue

Yeah I kinda agree with that article in essence that the supply chain is the weakest link. Actually in lot of reviews and studies lot of business and industry have found the same issue.


M2M and IoT do need new carriers that can provide these services more cost effectively than an MNO in all coverage areas - particularly for the USA.
Coverage (certainly in the US) is the current problem with all the LPWAN efforts. Covering the footprint of the USA is going to be capex and opex expensive and it is not clear to me that they will make it by the time the US carriers select standards-compliant technologies such as NB-IoT.

Rosalind Wheeler