Big Cloud Power, Small Package

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IT architect Bill Kleyman demonstrates the test environment he built using Citrix Receiver and Dell Wyse Cloud Connect.


Cloud environment

Bill, thanks for showing us your test environment. It looks like it could have lots of different uses for different types of users or businesses. Do you see this type of connectivity actually taking the place of typical PCs, or as an alternative means of access to apps?

Re: Cloud environment

As a follow up to Sue's question. Bill, do you think the end user is really ready for a clientless computing infrastructure. It sounds a little like back to the future with dumb terminals. What's changed? 

Re: Cloud environment

@Marilyn - Excellent question! Let me start by answering what has changed:

1. HTML5 is pretty awesome. And it works. 

2. Infrastructure has evolved substantially. There's more bandwith, better resources, improved management, etc.

3. Cloud.

4. Application, data and desktop delivery have all evolved.

5. Virtualization.

6. The user.

Because all of the supporting mechanisms have become so much better - we're able to do great things with content delivery. Security has always been a great concern for the modern user. Also a burden is sometimes the end-point. Today's cloud environment, end-point platform, and delivery structrure allows us to do a lot more with "traditional" workloads. 

The really great thing here is that the user is the one driving the change! That's right. The user is requesting to be more mobile. The user wants to get their data, applications, and workloads on any device -- anywhere. And it's the user that wants a consistent experience regardless of the device that they're using.

Ultimately - these devices will introduce a new way to compute and process information. Healthcare, educational, government, call centers, and other industries can deliver small - but powerful - devices to the end-point. From a consumer perspective -- you could have a touch-screen monior on a wall and simply plug a small device into the HDMI port. It's powered, immediately connects, and is completely secure. That's it -- you're up and running with access to all of your needed data points.

Re: Cloud environment

Obviously this is an oversimplication, but are you saying these HDMI devices plugged into a monitor/tablet/ clientless computer will basically convert the dumb (for lack of a better word) device into a powerful workstation? 

Re: Cloud environment

@Sue - I was given this device to test out by Dell. I let them know that I would be agnostic and truly try to test out the platform. We created our own environment, tested it against our own infrastructure, and ran it through various user performance scenarios.

And you know what? It worked. Sure, there were some quirky things that still need to be ironed out. But for a first release -- this is possible a game-changer.

Here's why: It costs $99 (when you buy a 100 or more.)

Even more important is the horsepower that this little device can deliver. You said it best, it's going to become an alternative to how applications are delivered. I can tell you this right now -- the future app and desktop delivery process is going to be device agnostic. It starts with these small end-points. I can still access all of my Windows apps and desktops, I can still get to all of my data, and most of all -- none of this information has to reside at the end-point.

I really don't believe this device is going to replace the typical PC. In fact -- why would you want to? The days of the PC, at least as we know it -- are numbered. End-points are getting lighter, smaller and a lot more agile. Just take a look at this latest report from Cisco:

This type of solution revolves around simple and small devices that are going into the enterprise. Lots of interesting use-cases for a lot of different industries. 

Re: Cloud environment

I do not see a video showing what you built.

Do you have performace numbers to share?


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