Don't Leave Your Data In The Dark
How Ethernet Can Secure The Connected Car
Aerohive Adds Wireless Bridging
5G Will Enable Robotics In The Cloud
Network Switches: The Most Popular Models Compared
Expert Analysis
2015's Most Ridiculous Tech Predictions
Susan Fogarty, Editor in Chief
When you've had your fill of technology predictions for 2015, take one more moment to deride the most obvious and least noteworthy of the bunch.
By Susan Fogarty Editor in Chief,
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802.11ac On The Rise In The Enterprise
Pablo Valerio, International Business & IT ConsultantCommentary
Infonetics report shows that shipments of 802.11ac access points are picking up. The new WiFi standard offers many enterprise benefits, but watch out for integration issues.
By Pablo Valerio International Business & IT Consultant,
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SDN Developments In 2015
Dan Pitt, Commentary
ONF executive director Dan Pitt shares his expectations for the evolution of software-defined networking in the coming year.
By Dan Pitt ,
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Cloud Migration: Discovery & Planning
Ryan Pelerin, Founding partner and COO, WSM InternationalCommentary
Migrating workloads to the cloud requires time and effort spent on up-front planning. The first part of this series explains the technical assessments and evaluations required for a successful cloud migration.
By Ryan Pelerin Founding partner and COO, WSM International,
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Amazon's AWS Vs. Microsoft Azure: Cloud Services Compared
Network Computing Editors,
Amazon Web Services and Microsoft Azure are the giants of cloud computing, but which offers better enterprise-class services? Find out how they compare by feature and cloud service type.
By Network Computing Editors ,
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Stateless Security In The Data Center: A Hybrid Approach
Mason Harris, Technical Solutions Architect, CiscoCommentary
In today's data centers, firewalls and other stateful security controls can be less effective than stateless controls or a hybrid approach combining both.
By Mason Harris Technical Solutions Architect, Cisco,
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Don't Leave Your Data In The Dark
John Joseph, President & Co-Founder, DataGravityCommentary
Piles of unstructured data are worse than useless; they pose serious security and privacy risks. John Joseph offers three steps to bring your data storage strategy into the light.
By John Joseph President & Co-Founder, DataGravity,
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Aerohive Adds Wireless Bridging
Lee Badman, Commentary
Point-to-point wireless bridging can be complicated for a WLAN designer. Aerohive is the latest WLAN vendor to help streamline the process by including the capability in an access point.
By Lee Badman ,
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Putting Erasure Codes To Work
Howard Marks, Network Computing BloggerCommentary
Erasure coding is used in scale-out object storage systems from a variety of vendors and open-source software projects. Just don't expect it to solve all your data protection problems.
By Howard Marks Network Computing Blogger,
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How Ethernet Can Secure The Connected Car
Ben Gale, Technical Director, Infrastructure and Networking, BroadcomCommentary
In-car networks could become the next favorite target for hackers. Ethernet offers many options to protect the connected car from malicious attacks.
By Ben Gale Technical Director, Infrastructure and Networking, Broadcom,
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5G Will Enable Robotics In The Cloud
Antonio Manzalini, Senior Manager, Innovation, Telecom ItaliaCommentary
By 2020, 5G will permeate network infrastructures, enabling new robotic services and intelligence, as well as a densely connected digital society and economy.
By Antonio Manzalini Senior Manager, Innovation, Telecom Italia,
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Network Switches: The Most Popular Models Compared
Network Computing Editors,
We compared the most popular stackable switches on the market today in a feature-by-feature report. See how models from Cisco, HP, Dell, and Extreme stack up.
By Network Computing Editors ,
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Transforming With Containers: Real-World Challenges
Scott S. Lowe, Engineering ArchitectCommentary
All the enthusiasm over Docker and containers is missing some important factors enterprises should know about. Learn from Shopify's containerization implementation.
By Scott S. Lowe Engineering Architect,
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Cisco Reveals Analytics Strategy
Michael Endler, Associate Editor, InformationWeek.comCommentary
Cisco says insights can't wait for data to travel from Internet of Things devices to the data center. Its solution: Analysis at the network's edge.
By Michael Endler Associate Editor,,
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Breaking The Last Cloud Barriers
Jason Andersen, Senior Director of Product Marketing and Management, Stratus TechnologiesCommentary
Many enterprises are still holding back from cloud adoption, for good reasons. Implementing one transformative cloud app can change that, and help businesses move to the next level.
By Jason Andersen Senior Director of Product Marketing and Management, Stratus Technologies,
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9 Security Best Practices For Safe Shopping
Crystal Bedell, freelance writer
Don't be the next security breach to hit the headlines and crush customer confidence. Protect your corporate and cardholder data -- and business reputation -- with these security strategies.
By Crystal Bedell freelance writer,
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Embracing OpenStack
Jim O'Reilly, ConsultantCommentary
Major system vendors like HP and Dell are rapidly integrating OpenStack, putting the open-source cloud software in a strong position against cloud giants such as Microsoft Azure.
By Jim O'Reilly Consultant,
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Net Neutrality: Just Say No
Andrew Froehlich, President & Lead Network Architect, West Gate NetworksCommentary
While troubleshooting a client's website access problem, I was confronted with the net neutrality debate. Here's why I oppose the concept.
By Andrew Froehlich President & Lead Network Architect, West Gate Networks,
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WebRTC: Not Ready For The Enterprise
Tim Root, Chief Technology Officer and Executive Vice President of New Business Development, RevolabsCommentary
The open source web-based technology promises real-time communication across a multitude of applications, but must overcome challenges before it makes inroads into the enterprise market.
By Tim Root Chief Technology Officer and Executive Vice President of New Business Development, Revolabs,
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Networking 2014: Industry Highlights And Lowlights
Marcia Savage, Managing Editor, Network Computing
From ACI and NSX to Hydrogen and white-box switches, the networking industry was anything but dull this year. Here are some of the memorable moments.
By Marcia Savage Managing Editor, Network Computing,
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