• 07/26/2012
    9:21 AM
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Symantec CEO Swap: Security Opinions From Black Hat

What's next at Symantec following its replacement of CEO Enrique Salem with chairman Steve Bennett? Black Hat attendees say the company stands at a crossroads.
Much of the buzz in the hallways at the Wednesday morning session of Black Hat focused on the news that Symantec had dismissed CEO Enrique Salem and replaced him with chairman Steve Bennett, who now becomes president and CEO, as well as retaining his current chairmanship.

The general consensus is that the Cupertino, Calif.-based company now stands at a crossroads.

"The security space is evolving so rapidly that companies that stick with old ways of doing business are going to lose their relevance," said one East Coast channel partner on condition of anonymity. "Symantec has been skating on its reputation for a long time, and that has cost them big time. Maybe this change will help them get their house in order."

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