Network Computing Comparison: Comprehensive Data Recovery

Comparison: Comprehensive Data Recovery

Your IT team needs to protect data in the cloud as well as on physical and virtual servers, PCs, and of course mobile devices. To that end, we asked a lot from vendors in this Buyer's Guide, from the ability to back up data from mobile devices, desktops, and physical and virtual servers to local and cloud repositories to the ability for end users and IT to restore individual files, directories, and entire devices or disk partitions on a self-service basis. It's a tall order, but the companies listed below pull it off. -- Jasmine McTigue

Guide Last Updated 06/20/13

Download Download Our Comprehensive Data Recovery Comparison (Includes significantly more detail than chart below)
Company Product More Coverage
Asigra Cloud Backup supports most versions of Windows and Windows Server as well as many Linux distros, Mac OS X, iOS 4.3 and up, and Android 3.0 and up and a wide variety of databases, hypervisors, and messaging and Web servers. Tiering is available, and cloud storage is via Amazon S3 and Mezeo. Data is encrypted during transmission and at rest. Free trial. More Detailed Product Information
Symantec NetBackup has broad OS, CMS, database and messaging, file and Web server coverage. On the mobile side, Android, iOS, Windows, Blackberry and Symbian are supported. Symantec sells internal cloud storage and supports Amazon S3, Rackspace, AT&T and Nirvanix for third-party cloud. Hardware- and software-based encryption and key management are available. Free trial. More Detailed Product Information
KineticD's Optimized Cloud Server Backup covers most versions of Windows as well as Mac OS and Linux. Mobile support for Android and iOS is scheduled by the end of Q3. The company runs its own SSAE16-certified data centers in Dallas and Toronto and says it's never lost a customer file in its 10 years of operations. However, it would not reveal average space savings achieved with dedupe, calling that confidential data. Encryption in transit and at rest, free trial. More Detailed Product Information
Vembu Technologies
Nuage Networks' Vembu StorGrid covers most versions of Windows and Windows Server as well as many Linux distros and Mac OS X. However, mobile support is limited to iOS. Cloud storage is via Amazon S3; 30-day free trial. More Detailed Product Information
† The sort order of our company listings is based on underwriting, how many UBM Tech events a company is exhibiting at and alphabetical order. UBM Tech is the parent to Network Computing. Contact us here for more information on exhibiting at UBM Tech events (and raising your visibility on this chart!).

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