Networking and Data Center Salary Survey: Is 2012 What You Expected?

, August 22, 2012 We're three-quarters of the way through 2012. Have you had your salary review yet? Did you get that raise? Take a look at what networking and data center professionals anticipated at the start of the year.
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Salary by Company Revenue

So who's paying best? Probably the companies you'd expect. Of the 711 IT staff members and 509 IT managers who responded to our 2012 Network Computing Salary Survey, those earning the most worked at companies with more than $10 billion in revenue.

Salaries by age told a similar story; the higher the numbers, the higher the salary, for the most part. Those respondents ages 26-35 reported staff salaries of $69,000 per year and managerial salaries of $78,000 annually; respondents 46-55 fell into the higher brackets ($85,000 for staff members; $102,000 per year for managers). After 55, the salaries dipped to $83,000 for staff members and $98,000 annually for managers.

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