Networking and Data Center Salary Survey: Is 2012 What You Expected?

, August 22, 2012 We're three-quarters of the way through 2012. Have you had your salary review yet? Did you get that raise? Take a look at what networking and data center professionals anticipated at the start of the year.
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Impact of Slower Economy

While reports come and go about the end of the Great Recession, networking and data center staff members and managers alike are still feeling the effects of a slower economy. Raises of less than 5% have become pretty standard, it seems, with 41% of staff members and 36%of managers reporting salary increases within that range, according to our 2012 Network Computing Salary Survey. The numbers aren't that far off from the averages found across IT positions in the InformationWeek 2012 U.S. IT Salary Survey--46% of the 13,800 respondents reported similar raises.

Of course, that's better than seeing your salary frozen, which 19% of networking and data center staff members and 20% of managers listed as a result of the slower economy. Three percent of both staff members and managers reported pay cuts, while benefits were reduced for 22% of staff members and 21% of managers.

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