Networking 2013: The Year of SDN

, December 17, 2013 Software-defined networking and network virtualization grabbed the industry by the throat in 2013, dominating almost every conversation about the future of networking. The year also was marked by major M&A deals, the arrival of 802.11ac products, and the ongoing Huawei saga. Here, we take you back through some of the memorable moments in networking in 2013.
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The Rise of White-Box Switches

The buzz around SDN drew attention to white-box switches, with several SDN startups such as Pica8 including generic hardware switches in their architectures. BigSwitch, one of the first SDN startups, even shifted its strategy mid-year, stepping down from the OpenDaylight Project and placing its bets on white-box switches. Meanwhile, the Open Compute Project pushed ahead with its effort to develop an open, OS-agnostic switch. Whether these new switches really pose a threat to Cisco's dominance with its switches built on custom ASICs remains to be seen.

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