8 Things You Should Know About DevOps

, July 15, 2013 Called a cultural and professional movement, DevOps seeks to better integrate development and IT operations teams to accelerate application delivery. Read on to find out what the DevOps movement is about and the benefits it can provide enterprise organizations.
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DevOps Directive #1: Cooperation And Communication

According to Patrick Debois, who many call the father of the DevOps movement, shops working under this new paradigm must think about four key areas to create an effective feedback loop and more tightly knit together team member work.

1. Extend delivery to production: Improving collaboration to improve how a project is sent from development and into production.

2. Extend operations feedback to project: Ensuring communication makes it easy for information from production to be sent back to developers to inform how they make future changes.

3. Embed the project team (developers) into operations work: Developers can't just lob their code over the wall to ops -- they take co-ownership of things that happen in production.

4. Embed production team (operations) into development work: Operations staff should be working with developers from the beginning of development work, not once it's over.

"In each of these areas there will be a bi-directional interaction between dev and ops, resulting in knowledge exchange and feedback," Debois wrote.

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