10 Ways Software-Defined Networking Will Change IT

, September 30, 2013 When networking professionals converge upon New York for Interop this week, software-defined networking (SDN) stands to establish itself as a major theme throughout session talks and informal conversations. As the industry watches the results of early adopter case studies and hears pundits advocate for this new means of controlling the network fabric, consensus is building for the potential that SDN could be an IT game-changer. Here's how, in the words of experts from around the industry.
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SDN Will Require A New Set Of Networking Skills

At the same time, many argue that it's highly unlikely that SDN will reduce the relevancy of networking professionals.

"But having a single point where decisions can be made still requires someone to understand what those decisions are," said Plexxi's Bushong. "There will be a new type of skill that needs to be cultivated -- someone who can architect how workloads span multiple pieces of infrastructure and can guide how those workloads ought to be treated under varying decisions. This workload architect doesn't exist in today's more siloed environments."

The more automated the network becomes through automation, the more IT will value skills in network architecture and design.

"Humans can focus on challenges more worthy of their intelligence, such as designing beautifully intricate enterprise IT systems that ultimately drive growing businesses toward success," said Yuri Rabover, co-founder of VMTurbo.

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