10 Nerdy Gifts For Networking Pros

, December 02, 2013 Does your favorite IT guy or gal have just about every Dr. Who, Star Wars or Star Trek collectible known to man? Are you looking for something a little different for that geeky loved-one or fellow cube-dweller? Have no fear, Network Computing has come to the rescue with this year's ultimate IT gift guide. We've got a range of gifts appropriate for stocking stuffers, gift exchanges, employee appreciation gifts and just plain old fun gifts for roommates or family members.
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iLaunch Thunder Missile Launcher


The average office cubicle is 75 square feet. That means that the iLaunch Thunder Missile Launcher can effectively dominate almost 20 cubes with its air-launched foam missiles, 270-degree horizontal rotation, and upwards of 25 foot range. The iLaunch toy is easily controlled by a Bluetooth-paired iPod Touch, iPhone or iPad. It has a lithium battery that can be charged via the included USB cable and comes with four foam missiles. The potential for battles, pranks and HR violations is endless!

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