10 Nerdy Gifts For Networking Pros

, December 02, 2013 Does your favorite IT guy or gal have just about every Dr. Who, Star Wars or Star Trek collectible known to man? Are you looking for something a little different for that geeky loved-one or fellow cube-dweller? Have no fear, Network Computing has come to the rescue with this year's ultimate IT gift guide. We've got a range of gifts appropriate for stocking stuffers, gift exchanges, employee appreciation gifts and just plain old fun gifts for roommates or family members.
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Corsair Flash Survivor USB Drive


Imagine they gave a Navy SEAL the mission of running Puppy Linux on an old PII box. You can bet he's going to transport the distro on a Corsair Flash Survivor. There's all the usual stuff. It's a 32 GB 3.0 drive that's plug-and-play. But then the cool stuff--it is housed in an anodized aircraft-grade aluminum case. It's vibration and shock resistant, and even waterproof up to 200 meters. It can call-in air strikes and doubles as a smoke grenade. Actually, it doesn't really do those last two things. But it would still be a great stocking gift for tech types.

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