Why The Datacenter Is The Center Of The Universe

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Virtualization and cloud solutions architect Bill Kleyman explains how changes in user computing are increasing the importance of the datacenter, making it the home base for all technology. The buzz may be all about the cloud, but it's the physical infrastructure that keeps all those clouds afloat.


What constitutes a "cloud" data center?

I think Bill is saying we're becoming a digital universe, so all the things we want to do go back to a data cewnter somewhere. Data centers are the steam engines of our age, the locomotives that pull workloads through their work cycle. Compute cycles are replacing horsepower, and the way we can access those compute cycles changes with the cloud. So what constitutes a "cloud" data center? It distributes its compute cylces from a remote location. Other than that, it represents the latest, most efficient data center that we can build.


Re: What constitutes a "cloud" data center?

@Charles - Wonderfully put! The modern data center is the engine for all of our compute needs. So the only way we can possibly do all the things that we're capable of doing is by making that engine better!

Taking a look at data center efficiencies, from an infrastructure perspective, shows us just how far we've come. We're more green-concious and optimization aware. "Cloud" data centers now share much more bandwidth where entire facilities are being built in cold climates or more remote locations. Now, data can go further ... and much faster.

The world will become even more connected. The user will create their own "personal cloud" and always carry a mobile data connection. All of this has to live somewhere. At the heart of it all will sit the data center and the engine that drives it all.


Re: What constitutes a "cloud" data center?

I would expect there to be room  for variation in the modern datacenter, given the varying needs of business today? What functions belong "on the ground" and what are in the cloud for a datacenter to still be a datacenter?



Re: What constitutes a "cloud" data center?

Tacking onto Marilyn's question, as an IT department, how do you decide what to keep in your corporate data center and what to have hosted at a cloud provider's data center? If the datacenter ends up being of utmost importance, maybe it's smarter for IT to keep more control over them in the long run...

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