Robotics Invade The Datacenter

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Bill Kleyman tours a robotics factory, explaining how the technology will affect the next-generation datacenter.


Robotics + automation

Bill, this is a great video -- thanks for sharing your trip. It's amazing to think of what could be accomplished when we combine microprocessing and software automation with robotics. What types of businesses do you think will benefit the most from pioneering in this kind of advanced technology? Do you see specific applications really taking off?

Yes, but will robots take away my job?

Robots are definitely cool but scary too, in terms of how many jobs they will take away from living, breathing people. Don't get me wrong, I'm not a Luddite and I know all the arguments about giving robots the tedious jobs that humans don't want. But still.... Thomas Claburn wrote a good piece about that this week: Google Bets On Robots: Goodbye, Jobs? in which he discusses some interesting possibilities. Check it out.

Cheap Robotic Labor

Why wouldn't big business want to replace people with Robots?   After all, many companies like Auto Manufacturing have gone overseas because of cheap labor. Data centers moved to India because of cheap labor. Why not move it all back to the United States, if Robots are cheaper than the labor of foreign countries?

Management thinks about the "Human Resources" instead of identifying people as personnel, and developing an actual relationship that fosters mutual loyalty and respect, they work us like robots.  Heck, many of us do not have real jobs, we are contrators, the next cost cut down from the job with benefits.  The next chepest, forien labor.  the next chepest heading our way.....Robots.  Great.

  No security even if you are excellent at what you do.  If there is a cheaper way to do it, they will find a way.  The all mighty dollar rules, people do not.  It all reminds me of the twilight Zone move where the manager keeps replacing workers, saving money, until he is replaced by a robot.



Re: Cheap Robotic Labor

I don't think robots taking our jobs has to be a bad thing. If humans are smart enough to make automated systems and robots that can do a lot of the functions humas are doing now, then they should also be able to apply themselves to occupations that require levels of thought and feeling that machines are incapable of.