• 08/05/2014
    9:06 AM
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Open Technologies: The Hottest 10

In today's tech world, the word "open" is on fire. IT pros are finally dismantling those much-maligned silos, and vendors are rushing to join open source projects to prove they're on board.


preference for open technologies

Another survey, specifically of network operators by the Open Daylight Project, found overwhelming support for open source SDN or NFV. However, many also said they want their open source SDN to come from commercial suppliers. 


Re: preference for open technologies

So how many of these are actually closed technologies?

Re: preference for open technologies

Right, that's where you have to look closely at what a company means by "open." It's certainly good for marketing purposes now.

Re: preference for open technologies

I believe these are all open when originally conceived as a technology, initiative, or consortium. It's when a company jumps on it and tries to make money that it becomes a problem. As Marcia pointed out, survey results say that people want open source, but they want it from a commercial provider. I think there is an inherent conflict there, unfortunately. Red Hat did a good job for a while, but they are making a big mess of OpenStack.

any additions?

Are there any open technologies you'd add to this list? Any favorites that are missing?