• 05/19/2014
    10:30 PM
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Network Engineers Tackle ACI

Twitter was humming with chatter about Cisco Live and ACI today as IT professionals sought information about the SDN platform.


Curious to Understand

I am more curious to understand how they managed more security over connectivity i.e. it also gets into Layer 4-7 services like firewalls or load balancers.

Re: Curious to Understand

Hi aditshar1, I don't have details, but I do know Cisco pushed security as a top use case for ACI at Cisco Live this week, and touts an ecosystem of L4-L7 partners that integrate with ACI, such as F5.

Re: Curious to Understand

Part of that may be the idea that the APIC chip can look inside VXLAN frames real-time. Maybe the overlay can be torn open so we can do clever things with it ;-)