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AWS offers Amazon Workspaces as its VDI solution. Workspaces represents a cloud-based managed desktop computing service, Amazon's DaaS model for VDI. Workspaces is a recent entrant into the VDI space.

Key differentiators
Amazon WorkSpaces enables customers to choose from a range of Amazon WorkSpace bundles that provide options for CPU, memory, storage and applications. In conjunction with AWS Directory Services,

Amazon WorkSpaces can integrate with a company's existing Active Directory infrastructure and enable users to provide their existing credentials to access their Amazon WorkSpace.

Users also have the flexibility to install their own applications or use applications available through Amazon WorkSpaces, such as the Microsoft Office suite, Mozilla Firefox, and Adobe Reader.

Amazon Workspaces licenses the Teradici PCoIP (PC-over-IP) protocol to compress, encrypt and minimize network data transfers. While this protocol is also licensed by other VDI solutions, in addition Amazon has deployed its own SDX (Streaming Experience) protocol, a UDP-based protocol to minimize network chatter.

Additionally, Amazon Workspaces supports desktop state persistence that provides a desktop anywhere model. The WorkSpaces Sync client also enables users to synchronize documents between their Amazon WorkSpace and other computers. Workspaces also provides support for USB devices, with the exception of printing.