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7 Super Certifications For IT Pros

It's a tight IT job market. Earning an IT certification can help you qualify for a position, make your resumé stand out, or move you up the corporate ladder.



Title says "IT job market is tight".  Within the past 24 hours I read an article that claimed IT workers are half as likely as the overall job market to be unemployed.  The overall job market isn't on fire but unemployment is currently at 6.7%.  Although extremists claim the administration cooks those figures, even if it's actually 10%, full employment is 4.5% unemployed.  If the IT job market is half as bad as the overall job market, that means there should be more IT jobs than candidates.

This isn't the first time in the past couple months I've read conflicting stories about the IT job market being hot and cold.  What's up with the conflicting stories?

Re: Confused...

The overall job market nationwide is 7% -- not on fire as you say, but also probably not exactly correct as we all know it isn't including certain disenfranchised groups. But, more to your point, Dice surveyed its member hiring managers and says unemployment rate for technology professionals fell to 3.5 percent in the fourth quarter of 2013 from 3.9 percent in the preceding quarter. Remember, this is a survey of hiring professionals that use Dice, not of people who actually are IT professionals. Another issue is that there may be many jobs out there, but not at the same level these professionals would ideally like. However, some may take a pay cut to make ends meet. So, yes, there is tight competition for good, senior-level jobs. Getting certified can help set you apart from the other applicants. Interestingly, many of those job hunters ARE employed currently, but they are looking to improve their circumstances. Thanks for your comment!

he unemployment rate for technology professionals fell to 3.5 percent in the fourth quarter of 2013 from 3.9 percent in the preceding quarter, - See more at:
he unemployment rate for technology professionals fell to 3.5 percent in the fourth quarter of 2013 from 3.9 percent in the preceding quarter, - See more at:
Valuable or not?

People have varying opinions about IT certifications -- some believe they're worth the effort and money and others don't. Readers: What camp are you in?

Re: Valuable or not?

If you're doing more or less the job already, and your company tells you to do the certification to tie a ribbon on it or to impress their customers or for promotion or for whatever - then do it, especially if the company will pay for it. On your own? - the answer is almost always no. You won't get the job without the experience. This goes for IT and for the manual trades as well.

Re: Valuable or not?

Gary_EL, you are absolutely correct. Certification alone won't get you a job -- experience is a big factor, and one of the most important to a hiring manager. But certification can open the door to an interview, by making a resume stand out from others. It also may give someone with fewer years experience a bit mor "gravitas" when competing against those with many years under the belt. These certifications, too, are generally for those who are seasoned professionals. Thanks for your comment!

Re: Valuable or not?

I have to agree with the "valuable" camp. When does learning more about your specialty ever hurt you professionally? It just shows that you are willing to go out of your way to get better at your job, network with your peers, and even sometimes pay a fee to have those letters after your name. It can also help you stay fairly knowledgeable about technologies or skills that are important to your industry, but your specific company may not use a lot. 

Re: Valuable or not?

Good insight, Gary. Experience trumps all, but if your company is willing to pay for it, it certainly can't hurt.

Re: Valuable or not?

Nice article Jennifer... This is always a hot topic in the IT world. Should I get that cert? Is it worth the cost? I say if you have the experience no it isn't, unless your company wants you to get it and they will pay for it. A lot of people can't afford to be certified and that shouldn't be held against you. Unfortunately when you are breaking into the field having certs could get you an interview over someone who doesn't.


Re: Valuable or not?

If you're job-hunting, certifications can open doors; they offer a way to distinguish you from others, even if that certification really says little about how well you can actually do the job.

Lower level certifications can end up being fairly lacking in value because they're so commonplace, but high level certs can have a degree of exclusivity that's very positive - e.g. JNCIE, CCIE.


International Certification for IT Professionals

Plz share here about web developer certification(html /html5 ,css,java script,Ajax etc) and Java Certification for web/Application developer.

I knew about HP which provides online study material & certification courses from home but its not for IT professional,its for Management Professional.I want to know about any international certification Elearning and exam from home through HP,IBM ....and some other foreign university in IT plateform?


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Name :Tanmay Sinha,


Continuing education

These certifications do make a difference -- at least in the government IT community.  But given how rapidly the tech world keeps changing, it would seem that demonstrating you are staying current in a discipline is at least as important as the cerifticate itself.