• 06/24/2014
    8:00 AM
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13 Nerdy Summer Vacation Spots

If you have to leave your comfort zone this summer and go on vacation, you might as well make it a good one. Check out 13 destinations where nerds like us can feel at home.


Middle Earth

Middle Earth sounds good to me. Not sure how I'd get a full-scale replica of "Sting" back home on the airplane, though.

Re: Middle Earth

Ferrari World is awesome :) Nice post Susan thank you.

Re: Middle Earth

Orhan, have you been to Ferrari World? You are actually close enough to reasonably go there :)

Re: Middle Earth

Well, Drew, if you can't make it over there, this gentleman on YouTube has a helpful video showing you how to make your own Sting out of steel:

I feel a summer project coming on!

dinosaur digging

Hanging out in the Moab Desert with paleontologists would be a very unique summer vacation, although it sounds like a lot of work!

Re: dinosaur digging

I am always torn between doing something relaxing and something cultural and enriching on vacation. The older I get, the more the relaxing part wins out. I'm not sure about sitting in the sun in the dirt all day, that could be tough...

Re: dinosaur digging

I listened from my many friends who went there but I could not find a time yet. Actually it is only 45 minutes :). But I would want to know how you achieve that , I can not stay even two days without reading or writing something about technology. Even on holiday. Reading this post probably is my only social activity since couple days :)

Re: dinosaur digging

You need to have a few kids. They pretty much force you to disengage from work on a regular basis :)

Re: dinosaur digging

Vacationing is a good time to recharge the mind. However, sometimes high temperatures can create the opposite effect. Luckily, some of the concept cars exhibited at the Computer History Museum might take creature comfort level to new heights, and maybe, portable creature comfort devices are around the corner.


I've never been but Comic-con looks really cool.

Re: comic-con

I haven't been to Comic Com either, but it's interesting what a big promotional vehicle this has become now for movie studios. I guess that makes sense given the popularity of superhero movies.

Re: comic-con

I've never been to Comic-con either, but I love looking at the pictures of the costumes online. Some of them are utterly hilarious -- you have to wonder what the people are thinking. But good for them for going out and having a good time!

Re: comic-con

Looks like if you missed out on getting tickets to the San Diego Comic Con, you might stll have a chance at the New York Comic Con in October. I didn't know about all the other Comic Cons elsewhere in the US and worldwide.

You missed the obvious!

Shame on you, Susan, for forgetting one of the most obvious choices -- the Boston area!  ;)

In addition to hosting one of the largest anime conferences in the country, Anime Boston (although, granted, this year's event already happened), between Boston and Cambridge there are tons of great tech museums and a vibrant tech community (not to mention the Microsoft NERD Center on the MIT campus).  And Somerville (which, for those of you not in the know, borders Cambridge, which itself borders and is just across the Charles River from Boston) has its own LEGOLAND that was recently built.

But then again, speaking as a Bostonian, I wouldn't really want to visit Boston in the summer.  ;)

Las Vegas is also worth mentioning, if for no other reason than DEFCON in August.  There are a host of other great tech conferences there too, however, including SXSW V2V (SXSW's startup-focused conference) next week!

I mean, yeah, you'll be facing desert temperatures nearing 120 degrees -- but it's a dry heat.  ;)  (I worked there one summer years's really not too bad as long as you take special care to stay well-hydrated -- something that can be easy to forget when you're used to humid climes).