Security Professionals Get The Best Toys

, March 23, 2012 Do you think penetration testers--the people that companies hire to break into organizations and test their defenses--remain immersed in the pale glow of a stack of monitors listening to techno and mainlining over-caffeinated fruit drinks? I was visiting Steve Stasikounis, CEO of Secure Network Technologies and Dark Reading contributor, last week in his offices, and he couldn't help showing off his latest penetration testing and forensic investigation tools.
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You know that smartphones are chockful of useful data, right? Getting to the data can be difficult, but not with Cellebrite UFED Ultimate. The hardware and subscription comes with hundreds of adapters (updated quarterly) to interface with any smartphone and pull data off the device, clone the SIM card, and recover deleted SMS, call logs and anything else of interest. They use UFED solely in legal cases for lawyers and law enforcement.

I'm going to take some of my old phones in and see what it can do.

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