Nine Dell Acquisitions: From EqualLogic to Quest, Compellent to Boomi

, July 03, 2012 In recent days, Dell representatives made no bones about promoting the company’s own products over products it resells. While the approach makes sense, it’s a departure for Dell, which has historically been quite adamant about maintaining its reseller relationships even on products that directly compete with its own. But Dell’s own product portfolio is now much richer than it once was. Here are nine important Dell acquisitions leading to today.
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1. Quest: Dell's acquisition of Quest Software is just the latest in a line of purchases made since 2008, when it acquired iSCSI storage vendor EqualLogic. Quest had been on a buying spree of its own, acquiring almost as many companies as Dell in the same period. Dell has its work cut out for it to integrate the product suites and trim the overlap.

The three key wins for Dell with the Quest purchase are windows server management, identity and access management, and application performance management. Overall, those areas touch on much of Dell's management platforms for SMB/SME, data centers and cloud computing.

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