9 Data Centers: Unexpected Beauty And Creativity

, October 04, 2012 Most data centers are boring boxes--but not all. Take a look at a data center that houses a supercomputer in a chapel, or an underground data center with James Bond-styling, or a solar-powered data center, and much, much more.
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A Supercomputer In A Chapel

The opening image to this slideshow shows the outside of the Torre Girona chapel in Barcelona, which the Spanish government converted into the home of the MareNostrum supercomputer. The building had been deconsecrated and the designers had to figure out how to modify and upgrade the 1920s building to support a modern supercomputer without destroying its architectural beauty. The MareNostrum uses more than 10,000 processors to perform 94 trillion operations per second, and is housed in what has been called one of the most beautiful data centers in the world. The supercomputing center sits in a glass box in the middle of the chapel. Images courtesy of Barcelona Supercomputing Center

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