• 03/19/2013
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8 Great Cloud Storage Services

If you need personal or enterprise cloud file storage -- or more of it -- it's not just a Dropbox world anymore. Use our guide to choose wisely.


re: 8 Great Cloud Storage Services

IDrive is another service worth considering. Users can get 150GB of storage for $49.50 a year, and we provide users the ability to back up an UNLIMITED number of devices, cross-platform with Windows, Mac, iOS, Android, and Linux. IDrive is also a true archive, so even if you remove the file from your local machine, it's still stored in your IDrive account. That's something many of the services listed in this article do not offer.

re: 8 Great Cloud Storage Services

Information Week only had one important New Year's Resolution this year. '"No Slide Show Articles with out a prominent 'View-as-one-page' link." How's that working out for you so far?

re: 8 Great Cloud Storage Services

The best of them all is Chronicle Data Cloud Drive; actual Military encryption, drag and drop to a true mapped drive that works exactly like a normal network drive... it even works with our Document management sytem, it's just brilliant.!

re: 8 Great Cloud Storage Services

There are a couple (unofficial) ways to provide Linux support for Google Drive:

re: 8 Great Cloud Storage Services

DocLanding is the leading cloud document management solution for small to medium-sized businesses. Users enjoy enterprise-level security with a suite of desktop and mobile tools that let you create a paperless office and share files through controlled collaboration.

re: 8 Great Cloud Storage Services

There is a new entry called COPY - it is a new cloud storage service like Dropbox, its offering 15GB of free storage and extra 5GB for each referral. Use this referral link and we'll both get extra 5GB for free

The artical forget to mention

Alternative to DropBox is Copy! that offer 20Gb of free storage, the upload and download speed are like Dropbox and faster from all alternative that  I can find (Gdrive, SkyDrive, Box)
if you want to get 20Gb, register from this link:

What about functionality?

Do businesses really care about the most GB for the lowest price?
We didn't want our data in the US due to patriot act/NSA. And we wanted multiple layers of users and admin security. We are now able to control what company data syncs to a specific device of a user from the cloud. That is pretty nice I think. We use a probably less known product, they host in Amsterdam.