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Charles Babcock
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Cisco Launches Own Version Of OpenStack Cloud Software

The Cisco Edition of OpenStack aims to simplify private cloud deployments and offers an open source alternative to VMware’s cloud software.

The code in Cisco Edition of OpenStack is all open source code and available immediately for use under the Ubuntu 12.04 version of Linux. Tucker said Cisco is likely to make it available under additional versions of Linux, starting with Red Hat Enterprise Linux. Red Hat is also part of the OpenStack coalition of backers. There is no license fee for the Cisco Edition.

Cisco has put into Cisco Edition the experience it's gained from running OpenStack internally, said Tucker. It worked with the Portland, Ore., implementer of Puppet, Puppet Labs, to integrate Puppet into the cloud software set and give OpenStack users a larger opportunity to create automation scripts for their own private cloud operation, he added.

The combination of additions and refinements makes Cisco Edition "a production, or near-production ready" version of OpenStack, Tucked concluded. Companies that adopt it will have to do some work to integrate it into their existing systems.

Cisco Edition won't be the only enterprise-oriented version of OpenStack around. Citrix Systems took another variation, CloudStack, and made similar claims as it donated the code to the Apache Software Foundation last April. PistonCloud also offers the Piston Enterprise OpenStack, which it says is a deployment-ready version of OpenStack.

Also, despite attracting notable backers, such as HP, Rackspace, IBM and VMware, OpenStack lost the active backing of one of its founding contributors, NASA, as the federal agency announced it lacked the resources to keep up active programmer contributions to the project but would remain an OpenStack user.

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