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6 Skype Alternatives Worth Considering

Skype might be the de facto choice for video and voice calls over the Internet. But here are other options you should explore.


re: 6 Skype Alternatives Worth Considering

Great article and great services. Quick correction on UberConference...the paid service for $10 gets up to 100 participants now, and the Free version can get up to 17 for now by linking social accounts, etc., to increase size.

re: 6 Skype Alternatives Worth Considering

Thank you for the information. I've used a few group calling services, but Kuvicall has been my favorite by far. The whole experience is very personalized, because it is a smaller company. So far I haven't been bombarded with fees, advertisements, or pressured to spend a lot of money.

It's very affordable and I'm able to use Kuvicall to conference call my associates on a weekly basis.  Best Skype alternative by far for voice calling.

re: 6 Skype Alternatives Worth Considering

UberConference sounds like a very good alternative for conference calls with a small team, especially since it does not require a passcode. I cannot tell you how many times I have heard someone ask to re-send the passcode to a particular call (myself included). The "earmuff" feature sounds very interesting, especially if you want to share a quick, sensitive piece of information with just one party on the call. I wonder, though, if the "earmuffed" party can tell he or she is being blocked from hearing that part of the conversation when he or she hears silence from those involved in the private conversation.

re: 6 Skype Alternatives Worth Considering

Thx for the great article Aoife! VSee is designed for creative teams to get things done - we did a lot of study on creative team work - from doing a design critique to hacking out some code. As a service for the community, at the bottom of, we create a link to all the video conference options:

VSee is also unique in that it provides end-to-end encryption - where your conversation is always private and off the record. It doesn't go to any servers (like oovoo, hangout, tokbox, etc) where that server has access to your raw audio/video. VSee is HIPAA compliant and great for telemedicine: where we serve 2M+ Americans to allow them to see their doctors from a webcam.

re: 6 Skype Alternatives Worth Considering

Another option to consider is Kuvi. It is a group calling service that relies on your phone for the connection, so you don't get the dropped calls due to internet connection or data issues. The website is: if you wanted to add it!

free skype alternative for online calling

Thanks for the post! It is interesting and surprising as well. Did not know about some apps, e.g. Viber. Will definitely try them.

As for me, I sometimes use as Skype alternative. It supports up to 6 persons with screen sharing and it's free. 

Web Conferencing
Another very good option is: RHUB web conferencing servers. It works flawlessly.
Check out Voxypad

Check this out...Voxypad. This app is really cool for conferencing with real-time collaboration. This app is much better use comparing to all of above

Skype alternative for teams

If you're looking for a Skype alternative that's focused on team collaboration then you should checkout what we're building at Speak ( ). The app is free and includes audio, video and screensharing out of the box in a quick and simple interface. 

Would love to hear your feedback on the app!