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ARIN Nearing IPv4 Depletion, For Real
Marcia Savage, Managing Editor, Network ComputingNews
The American Registry for Internet Numbers says it will have to activate its IPv4 waiting list this summer. Enterprises can opt for IPv4 transfer market or finally consider deploying IPv6.
By Marcia Savage Managing Editor, Network Computing,
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Three Requirements For True Micro-Segmentation
Geoff Huang, Director of Product Marketing, VMwareCommentary
'Micro-segmentation' is getting attention as a way network virtualization can improve security. Find out what it is and how it works, from the originators of the term.
By Geoff Huang Director of Product Marketing, VMware,
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When The Cloud And SDN Collide
Network Computing Editors, CommentaryVideo
Mix hybrid cloud and SDN, and you get a complex mess that's difficult to manage. Applying consistent, application-based policies can help.
By Nathan Pearce, F5 Networks ,
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NFV Adds Agility To Networks
Priya Natarajan, Senior Director of Market Development, CienaCommentary
Networks must adapt to a new age of efficiency and flexibility, and network functions virtualization can help.
By Priya Natarajan Senior Director of Market Development, Ciena,
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Microsoft Hyper-V: Guide To Common Commands
Network Computing Editors,
Manage your Microsoft Hyper-V virtual environment in the most efficient and productive manner using these useful commands.
By Network Computing Editors ,
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Top 11 Virtualization Risks Identified
Marcia Savage, Managing Editor, Network ComputingNews
The Cloud Security Alliance releases a guide to the most common risks of server virtualization and provides best practices on how to address them.
By Marcia Savage Managing Editor, Network Computing,
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Does OpenStack Stack Up For The Enterprise?
Jason Andersen, Senior Director of Product Marketing and Management, Stratus TechnologiesCommentary
Some OpenStack projects are more mature than others, leaving gaps when it comes to enterprise applications.
By Jason Andersen Senior Director of Product Marketing and Management, Stratus Technologies,
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How Lifecycle Service Orchestration Will Impact The Enterprise
Scott Raynovich, Chief Analyst and Publisher, The Rayno ReportCommentary
The concept of service automation is gaining traction among service providers, which will streamline enterprise acquisition of network services.
By Scott Raynovich Chief Analyst and Publisher, The Rayno Report,
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Transforming Enterprise IT Infrastructure
Brendan Ziolo, Head of Large Enterprise Strategy, Alcatel-LucentCommentary
The growth of cloud computing, emerging technologies such as SDN, and the trend towards web-scale IT are helping enterprises create the agile and flexible infrastructure they need.
By Brendan Ziolo Head of Large Enterprise Strategy, Alcatel-Lucent,
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Hyperconvergence: Helping IT Move The Needle
Susan Fogarty, Editor in ChiefNews
Hyperconverged infrastructure provides enterprises with flexibility and ease of use that can allow them to break from old IT practices.
By Susan Fogarty Editor in Chief,
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Prizewinning IT Products: Best Of Interop 2015
Network Computing Editors,
Drumroll, please: Meet the technology products and services that took home top honors in this year's Best of Interop awards.
By Network Computing Editors ,
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Interop In Action
Network Computing, CommentaryVideo
Interop Las Vegas heats up this week with presentations, products and camaraderie on the show floor.
By Network Computing ,
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Interop In Action
Network Computing Editors, News
Interop Las Vegas heats up this week with presentations, products and camaraderie on the show floor.
By Network Computing Editors ,
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Virtual Storage And The Danger Of Data Loss
Howard Marks, Network Computing BloggerCommentary
Virtual storage like VSAN must take the storage part of the equation seriously and incorporate better resiliency to avoid data loss.
By Howard Marks Network Computing Blogger,
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Fibre Channel Really Is Dead
Kevin Deierling, Vice President, MellanoxCommentary
Ethernet has overcome the problems that prevented converged compute and storage networks, speeding the demise of Fibre Channel.
By Kevin Deierling Vice President, Mellanox,
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Optimizing Network Performance For The Cloud
Cahit Akin, CEO & Co-founder, Mushroom NetworksCommentary
Here are some strategies for avoiding network bottlenecks with the increased use of cloud services.
By Cahit Akin CEO & Co-founder, Mushroom Networks,
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IT Certifications Guaranteed To Boost Your Career
Network Computing Editors, Education
Certifications can help advance your IT career and get you a raise. These certifications in specialties like cloud, virtualization, and systems engineering from AWS, Cisco, VMware, Microsoft and others are among the highest in demand.
By Network Computing Editors ,
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Evaluating Cloud UC Costs
Network Computing Editors, Commentary
Cost savings may not occur with cloud UC, but there are other hidden benefits, research shows.
By Robin Gareiss, Executive VP/Senior Founding Partner of Nemertes Research ,
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The Internet Of Things & IP Address Needs
Azmi Jafarey, Network Computing AuthorCommentary
With IPv6, there's no need to fear that there won't be enough IP addresses for IoT. The real question is whether every 'thing' needs its own IP address.
By Azmi Jafarey Network Computing Author,
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The Most Important IT Conference: A Technologist's View
Tom Hollingsworth, Commentary
In an industry inundated with events focused on a single vendor or technology, Interop stands out for its independence, breadth, and stellar speakers.
By Tom Hollingsworth ,
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