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Shadow IT: Not Taking Over Yet
Marcia Savage, Managing Editor, Network ComputingNews
A new CompTIA study finds that business units aren't circumventing IT as much as feared and that IT pros still wield a lot of power.
By Marcia Savage Managing Editor, Network Computing,
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Can Converged Infrastructure Help IT Get Its Mojo Back?
Colm Keegan, Senior Analyst, Enterprise Strategy GroupCommentary
Traditional IT organizations are getting pushed aside by nimbler cloud providers. Converged and hyperconverged infrastructure can be the key to IT transformation.
By Colm Keegan Senior Analyst, Enterprise Strategy Group,
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Cisco Unveils IoT Framework
Marcia Savage, Managing Editor, Network ComputingNews
Networking giant expands its IoT portfolio with 15 new products for network connectivity, IoT security and manageability.
By Marcia Savage Managing Editor, Network Computing,
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Infoblox Launches Free IPv6 Transition Tool
Marcia Savage, Managing Editor, Network ComputingNews
Online tool aims to help network architects and engineers overcome IPv6 challenges and kick off their transition from IPv4 to IPv6.
By Marcia Savage Managing Editor, Network Computing,
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Why IPv6 Is Indispensable At LinkedIn
Edward Horley, Practice Manager, Cloud Solutions, Groupware TechnologyCommentary
At a meetup hosted by LinkedIn, the company explained how moving to IPv6 fulfills user needs and why it's unavoidable.
By Edward Horley Practice Manager, Cloud Solutions, Groupware Technology,
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VMware ESX: Guide To Common Commands
Network Computing Editors,
Manage your VMware virtual environment as efficiently as possible using our comprehensive list of ESX and ESXi scripting commands.
By Network Computing Editors ,
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Linux Container Success Hinges On Standards
Matt Hicks, Senior Director of Engineering, Red HatCommentary
Without standards in the areas of format, runtime, and orchestration, Linux containers risk not reaching their full potential.
By Matt Hicks Senior Director of Engineering, Red Hat,
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Hyperconvergence Hiccups
Frank Denneman, Technology Evangelist, PernixDataCommentary
Hypercoverged systems improve VM performance by using server flash for key storage functions, but have drawbacks. Separating storage performance from capacity overcomes these issues.
By Frank Denneman Technology Evangelist, PernixData,
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Container Networking: Challenges & Requirements
Valentina Alaria, Senior Director of Product and Solutions Marketing, PLUMgridCommentary
The Docker networking model falls short in meeting enterprise requirements. Here are key considerations for container networking.
By Valentina Alaria Senior Director of Product and Solutions Marketing, PLUMgrid,
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Obstacles Make Enterprise SDN Slow And Painful
Marcia Savage, Managing Editor, Network ComputingNews
At the Open Networking Summit, a panel of enterprise infrastructure leaders discussed the obstacles they face in adopting software-defined networking.
By Marcia Savage Managing Editor, Network Computing,
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The Long Road To Hybrid Cloud
Tim Brophy, Global Cloud Architect, Dimension DataCommentary
In order to reap the ROI benefits of a true hybrid cloud environment, CIOs must have a well-thought out cloud strategy to avoid pitfalls.
By Tim Brophy Global Cloud Architect, Dimension Data,
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Facebook Preaches Open Networks
Rick Merritt, SiliconValley Bureau Chief, EE TimesNews
At the Open Networking Summit, Facebook's Omar Baldonado stresses the need for open network designs.
By Rick Merritt SiliconValley Bureau Chief, EE Times,
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Copyrighting Code & Interfaces: Ask The Right Questions
Russ White, Principal Engineer, IPOS, EricssonCommentary
The U.S. government has supported the ruling against Google for violation of Oracle's Java API. Criticism from the technology community is rampant, but perhaps we should view software copyright in a different light.
By Russ White Principal Engineer, IPOS, Ericsson,
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3 Ways To Avoid Cloud Cost Overruns
Robbie Wright, Virtualization & Cloud Computing Strategist, CommvaultCommentary
Implementing cloud infrastructure is supposed to save money, but can lead to costly surprises if you're not careful.
By Robbie Wright Virtualization & Cloud Computing Strategist, Commvault,
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ONF Debuts Open Source SDN Software
Marcia Savage, Managing Editor, Network ComputingNews
The Open Networking Foundation's Atrium software integrates open source components with the goal of making it easier for network operators to deploy SDN.
By Marcia Savage Managing Editor, Network Computing,
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Cloud & Virtualization Require SDN
Brendan Ziolo, Head of Large Enterprise Strategy, Alcatel-LucentCommentary
Cloud and virtualization are transforming enterprise IT. But in order to truly benefit, the network infrastructure must become just as dynamic and flexible.
By Brendan Ziolo Head of Large Enterprise Strategy, Alcatel-Lucent,
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Segment Routing: Potential For Far-Reaching Network Effects
Daniel Dib,  Senior Network Architect, Conscia NetsafeCommentary
Segment routing could change the way MPLS networks function and facilitate the adoption of SDN. Find out how it works and why you should know more about it.
By Daniel Dib Senior Network Architect, Conscia Netsafe,
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Docker Containers: 9 Fundamental Facts
Network Computing Editors,
The Docker open source platform for deploying and distributing applications in a virtualized container offers many benefits. We explain what enterprises should know about the popular technology.
By Network Computing Editors ,
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7 Super Cloud Storage And File-Sharing Platforms
Network Computing and Interop, Author
Cloud sync-and-share services can help businesses reduce on-site equipment, improve backup and compliance, and foster worker collaboration. Find out which platforms are enterprise-worthy.
By Network Computing and Interop Author,
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Lab Carries SDN-Based Software From Concept To Reality
Susan Fogarty, Editor in ChiefNews
Gencore Systems took advantage of Juniper Networks' OpenLab facility to test and bring to market new cloud analysis software that relies on SDN.
By Susan Fogarty Editor in Chief,
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