How DevOps Enables Industrial IoT

Steve Shah Commentary
  • With DevOps, organizations can build scalable, automated infrastructure to facilitate IoT-driven...
    By Steve Shah , 1/20/2017

Private Cloud In Retreat, Public Cloud To Fore

Charles Babcock News
  • '2017 State of Cloud' report finds private cloud losing its viability and hybrid cloud too complex; public...
    By Charles Babcock , 1/19/2017

Using Containers For Persistent Storage

Chris M Evans Commentary
  • Learn how container-based storage is implemented and blurring the lines between data, storage, and...
    By Chris M Evans , 1/19/2017

What The Cloud Model Means For Enterprise Tech

Tom Nolle Commentary
  • As cloud providers evolve toward 'premises cloud' hosting, the old networking model isn't just irrelevant,...
    By Tom Nolle , 1/18/2017

3 Emerging WLAN Trends For 2017

Marcia Savage News

HPE Inks Deal For SimpliVity

Marcia Savage News

8 Vendors Poised To Make Strides In Storage In 2017

Jim O'Reilly Slideshow

Open Networking: A Progress Report

Gilad Shainer Commentary
  • White-box switching has grown rapidly to offer a flexible alternative for data center networks.
    By Gilad Shainer , 1/13/2017

451 Research: Containers A $2.7 Billion Market By 2020

Charles Babcock News

Hyperconvergence Benefits Come With Challenges

Marcia Savage News
  • Study highlights top drivers for enterprise adoption of hyperconverged infrastructure and emerging pain...
    By Marcia Savage , 1/12/2017

5 Fast-Growing Technology Trends For 2017

Cynthia Harvey News

Cisco Retains Enterprise Infrastructure Market Dominance

Marcia Savage News
  • Synergy report shows networking giant continues to lead nearly every infrastructure segment.  
    By Marcia Savage , 1/06/2017

The Cloud In 2017: Unleashing The Apps

Lori MacVittie Commentary

Unprecedented Change Transforming Data Centers

Steve Carlini, Senior Director, Data Center Global Solutions for Schneider Electric Commentary
  • Data center designs are undergoing massive transformation due to cloud and IoT.  
    By Steve Carlini, Senior Director, Data Center Global Solutions for Schneider Electric , 12/30/2016

Docker Networking: Basic DNS Configuration

Packt Publishing Commentary

Cloud Service Brokers: Key Considerations

Tim Brophy Commentary
  • Enterprises should ask these questions before choosing a cloud broker or multi-cloud management platform.
    By Tim Brophy , 12/06/2016

Gartner: CLI Use Will Dwindle By 2020

Marcia Savage News

Optimizing Bandwidth In The Netflix Era

Peter Tsai Commentary

10 DevOps Experts You Should Follow

Cynthia Harvey Slideshow

Cisco: Cloud-Native Apps Will Dominate By 2020

Charles Babcock News
  • Big data, IoT, and other applications are changing cloud computing, according to Cisco's sixth annual...
    By Charles Babcock , 11/14/2016