• 09/29/2006
    4:00 AM
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Strategy Session: Network General: Duck or Phoenix?

Having languished for several years as part of Network Associates, Network General attempts a comeback with "Fusion." But can the company overcome its "bad marriage" and win back customers, both

Still, the result is interesting. The integrated tool can track a performance problem back to its root--if the root is in either network congestion or protocol problems. So, should we view Network General as a phoenix rising from the ashes of that bad marriage, or a hapless duck rising from a lake in the late fall mist while hunters await?

Right now, I think it's more duck than phoenix. Network General is a challenged brand; its core customers felt abandoned, and the new customers it badly needs probably don't see the company as a source for strategic business service-management tools. It'll take time and a lot of good marketing to change that.

Art Wittmann is editor in chief of Network Computing. Write to him at

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