• 03/19/2008
    9:10 PM
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NetApp's Charitable, Too

Not as vocal as EMC, NetApp has its own agenda for giving
As a follow-up to yesterday's blog on EMC's latest philanthropic endeavor, I called NetApp to find out what they are doing for humanity. Turns out they have an interesting approach of their own to charitable giving.

Apparently, NetApp has launched a program called Volunteer Time Off for U.S. employees, which allows each full-time staffer take up to five full days with pay to volunteer with any non-profit organization or school of their choice.

A NetApp spokesperson says 463 employees (about 10 percent of all eligible U.S. workers) took up the offer between August 1, 2007, and December 31.

That represents the equivalent of a $348,692 "in kind" charitable donation. NetApp gives other in kind donations, says the spokesperson, but the company won't elaborate on them.

Nice one.

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