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8 Free Online Networking Classes

If you're looking to expand your networking skills, these courses offer instruction on SDN, cloud networking, network optimization, and other topics for free. What's better than that?


Free online network classes
Thank you for sharing this information. It is great to know about such resources, especially free! There is no excuse to not take advantage of this learning opportunity.
Re: Free online network classes

I find that while being able to study online and gain a qualification, in the real world it seems that this kind of qualification is not looked upon as being the equivalent as one obtained in an actual college.

Re: Free online network classes

College is a bigger scam than qualification courses; it's just (presently) a more successful one.  At $250,000 over four years, I'd rather read twice as many books on my own accompanied with a couple of webinars and/or networking events -- and learn four times as much in the process.  Then, just throw everything in the Skills section of the ol' resume.  ;)

Re: Free online network classes

David makes a good point. As a rule, free online classes are not generally accepted as proof of education. I see them as a good supplement to a college degree or to explore areas you may be interested in, however. In some cases we have access to world-reknowned educators and researchers, which was unheard of only a few years ago. And a few do offer certificates or diplomas of completion.

Re: Free online network classes

A recognised qualification that is accepted by the industry HR managers would bring online learning into the mainstream. I wonder if that would mean an increase in cost too!

Re: Free online network classes

Really good questions, David. I think there are some fundamental changes going on behind the scenes in education, and that free and virtual models are slowly disrupting our higher education system. But we'll have to see how that plays out, and how new forms of education are accepted. At the same time, HR employees are getting replaced by younger folks who may have more experience/exposure to these methods. So maybe the prices will go up some, but the value will be well worth it.

Re: Free online network classes

Agree with you, Susan! Majority of the online classes I know (and have tried) are not qualified as diploma courses or formal education, although participants/students are given certificates of completion along with a grade. But, these classes are like scaled-down courses, so students really get to learn a lot, especially if they religiously follow lectures and comply with requirements. Also, the professors who teach these courses are respected educators and are often practitioners of the field or subject/course they are teaching. So, yes, students of online classes learn legitimate lessons and training. Let's just keep things a little positive by focusing on the fact that there are now several options people can choose from if they want to learn without spending too much, or without sacrificing their time at work. (Basically, online classes are for those who want to study while working.) 

Re: Free online network classes

Hi everyone,

@ Crystal, many thanks for this post again. Your i would say diapo based posts are very wonderful. Most of your post with this style i read are very great and helpful. Please,Could  you provide us some corresponding links thus make everything more free :). Ok, i will search with my powerful online tool which GOOGLE!

Thanks and waiting for your next post!

Re: Free online network classes

Hi everyone,

We will get at school an overview of the technologies and concepts ,sometimes an in depht undertanding due to the explaination and projects. About the free online courses, it is very benefit for us to profit  but we must also share and make the project/idea alive!!! We need to contribute!


Re: Free online network classes

Jerome, the titles on each page (the bold words underneath the photo) are a link to the course. Sorry if that was not clear to everyone!

Re: Free online network classes

Hi everyone,

@ Susan -- Thanks for the clarifation about the links!

Yes, online ressource is for everyone, and use it on the right way can make you a blessing  in some cases!


Re: Free online network classes

Hi everyone,

@ Sue, i agree with you. I always said we can not, learn what you want and at choose easily at which level of understanding we want in the school system. I'm graduated Telecoms & Network Engineer from INPHB (Polytechnical institute -Ivory Coast) and as i have never fail a year, that makes me 18 years of school. I know i learn how to write, to read, to resolve advanced and long mathematical problems, to work on a project, ... But the actual small level in all IT domains is more from INTERNET, blogs, books from vendors and outhors, enterprise experince and works, advice, discussion, videos,... So these free online course are very important, as everything in IT grow quickly, these persons who deliver these courses take time to master and teach that for free, to answer to the question of CRYSTAL (in the title of the post), i say NOTHING . We can't learn all at school because it follows a well defined program, international standard,.. so we get there the fundations

Re: Free online network classes

Jerome, that's a good point. Technology is changing so fast that college programs are really not geared toward what It pros will face in the workplace at all. On top of that, once you have a job, you need to keep learning at a rapid pace to keep up. So online resources can be very valuable.

Re: Free online network classes

I agree with you. Unfortuantely , it is a sad mistake and wrongful assumption made my many. Education is never a waste and should never be valued less, whether or not the education was aquired online or offline.

Re: Free online network classes

I echo these words of thanks.  Free MOOCs (and getting the word out about them) are SO important to improving education in the US today, I think -- especially considering what a bloated, overpriced joke American higher education has become.

Re: 8 Free Online Networking Classes

These classes are great and I plan on taking a few myself. I can brush up on networking and I am glad these classes are offered to us!

Re: 8 Free Online Networking Classes

Free !!! it self is a attractive word. Free online courses are of great use and precisely when technology is new or in infancy. we have number of courses around on internet, but important is which course is relevant. Although my observation says you won't get all knowledge for free, only glimpse of course will be avilable.

Re: 8 Free Online Networking Classes

Virsingh, I believe only one of the options listed here includes a fee -- the rest of them are completely free, and they are for fairly extensive study, most comparable to a college class. They are really worth taking advantage of, if you can invest the time.

Continuing Education: Nothing is Better Than Free

Thanks Crystal for listing some free networking course study !  And you are right - there is nothing better than that !   

I was familiar with MIT's courses but there were plenty of other offerings I was not aware of !  

Really looking forward to adding these resources to my other on-line learning bookmarks.

Re: Continuing Education: Nothing is Better Than Free

MIT, Harvard, and other top universities also have course content available for free -- and, indeed, free MOOCs -- via a nonprofit:

Definitely worth a look.

MVA: A Great Effort by the Software Giant

Never a big fan of Microsoft, I have to give credit were credit is due.  MVA is a great resource, the type of resource that I wish were the case years ago. 

Well it is here now and I find it a great resource !  I would highly recommend it to anyone who works with microsoft products daily.

Re: 8 Free Online Networking Classes

I certainly don't want to be one to look a gift horse in the mouth, but I'm glad you mentioned up front that these are courses mainly intended to supplement people who already have college degrees and presumably stable jobs in the industry, rather than as a starting point for someone who can't afford traditional courses or is trying to broaden thier horizons. Not only are these courses, unfortunately, not likely to give you a huge boost on your resume (the verified coursera certificates are probably alright, but I couldn't help but laugh at Microsoft's virtual-points-with-leaderboard system), but the course matter seems quite dense and not likely to translate to practical skills for someone who doesn't have a networking degree already. Like others, I don't want to scoff at the value of the education being provided. Quite the contrary; I'm a firm believer that online learning is the future.

If anything, I want to lament that the rest of the system hasn't caught up to the online learning revolution yet. These are still great resources and it's worth noting that many of them (and lots of other places) offer courses in plenty of areas other than networking that might be  a little more suitable to beginners. For example, going in line with the 'Programming and Lord of The Rings' article that went up last week, I think online resources are a great way to learn a new programming language from scratch - particularly because that translates directly into a usable skill that you can earn money from (IE writing your own programs). In any case, there's something to be gleaned here about the future of learning - networking pros are not the only ones who will find their fields being transformed after they leave college.

Re: 8 Free Online Networking Classes

In this sense, I think this difference is exactly why MOOCs are exciting -- because they focus on the actual education, resume-be-damned.

I for one would like to see our current, bloated, overpriced higher education establishment completely crumble in favor of these courses.

8 free online classes

Hi Susan,

Can you please post the links to the classes. Thans so much!

Best Regards,

Dave Smith

Re: 8 free online classes

Hi Dave -- If you click on the titles on each page (the bold words underneath the photos), you'll get the links to the courses. I'm sorry we didn't make that clear. Let me know if you don't find what you need.

Trying to join the 8 free

Trying to join the 8 free Networking Classes

I am not able to see the 8 classes

Dear madam,

U told in the title 8 free online classes to learn networking. But, nowhere you mentioned the links/course names. Can you please help me in accessing the courses.

Re: I am not able to see the 8 classes

If you click on the titles on each page (the bold words underneath the photos), you'll get the links to the courses. I'm sorry we didn't make that clear. Let me know if you don't find what you need.