• 02/14/2014
    11:45 AM
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7 Reasons To Head For Vegas: IT's Secret Weapons

We've selected seven Interop presenters that will make it worth a trip to Vegas. You'll be so absorbed in tech, you won't even notice the glitter.
Ethan Banks

Ethan Banks, one of the most highly rated speakers from last fall's Interop, a Network Computing contributor, and co-host of the popular Packet Pushers Podcast, takes over as chairman of the conference Infrastructure Track. By day, Ethan is an experienced network architect who has designed, built and maintained networks for higher education, state government, financial institutions, and technology corporations. The Infrastructure Track will include education on topics like OpenFlow, network overlays, data center fabrics, solid-state storage, WAN optimization, and next-generation wireless. Ethan will also present two detailed sessions on developments in the Ethernet switching landscape.

Ethan will be speaking at:
The Ethernet Switching Landscape Part 1 - Matching Technology With Problems
The Ethernet Switching Landscape Part 2
Customer Panel Discussion: Real-World Ethernet Fabrics


re: 7 Reasons To Head For Vegas: IT's Secret Weapons

These sessions sound great. I love Interop for the interaction I get with such a great caliber of high-tech professionals, thought leaders, and top execs at vendors and enterprises. It's a great mix.