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08:30 PM

The Vendor Pitch Revisited

What's gone wrong, and how it might be fixed

Certain spiritual traditions hold that developing patience fosters enlightenment. If so, lots of storage vendors are providing ample opportunities that I'm failing to take advantage of, miserably.

In my line of work, vendor presentations are a day-to-day staple, one reporters share with analysts and would-be customers. The "pitch," as the vendors describe the preso, is adapted to fit each audience. For me, it usually takes the form of a conference call accompanied by a previously emailed PowerPoint deck.

Simple, right? But a lot can -- and lately, it seems, does -- go awry. I'm sure I'm at least partly to blame, but in the spirit of fairness, I've listed a few "dos and don'ts" that IMHO could benefit everyone. Here goes:

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