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The Tale of the Tbyte Tape Drive

Who has got the biggest, baddest, fastest, tape drives?

By James Rogers, July 14, 2008, NOON

What is it about the tape industry? You hardly hear a thing from the major vendors for months, even years, and then, suddenly, they are clambering over each other to claim market "firsts."

IBM, for example, attempted to steal a march on its archrival Sun today with the launch of what it describes as the worlds fastest Tbyte tape drive.

This came less than 24 hours after Sun unveiled its own tape first, unveiling the world’s first Tbyte tape drive, although IBM certainly seems to be pushing the speed envelope.

IBM's TS1130, which was launched today, can transfer data at up to 160 Mbyte/s, compared to the 120 Mbyte/s offered by Sun’s T10000B.

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