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Pillar's Choice Reflects Storage De-Dupe Trend

Pillar hedges its bets by aligning with multiple vendors, FalconStor first

The last few weeks have brought some blurring of boundaries associated with data de-duplication products, a trend that continued yesterday when Pillar Data Systems announced partnerships with a slew of vendors to deploy different forms of the technology on its Axiom hardware.

Pillar's de-duplication partners include FalconStor, Data Domain, Diligent, and Symantec, a cast of characters that encompasses the two de-duplication camps: "in-line" and "post-processing."

Data Domain, Diligent, and Symantec, for instance, use appliances to de-duplicate data "in-line" before it is sent to backup. FalconStor uses "post processing," in which data is de-duped once it is sent to backup.

In-line technologies, although they use less disk than post-processing solutions, may interfere with performance on the network. It really depends on whom you speak to.

Pillar is taking an "agnostic" approach to de-duplication, according to Bob Maness, the vendor's vice president of marketing. "We're not coming down on either side -- there are pluses and minuses with both approaches," he says.

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