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A New Look at Storage Pricing

At $23 per pound, Sun's new SL3000 is probably a bargain

Forget capacity-based pricing, one-off, sliding scale discounts, etc. There's another way to look at storage pricing. Call it the butcher block approach.

This take is based on a very real metric -- total equipment weight. This metric is not only a fair gauge of prospective raised-floor pressure, it's also a key to helping C-series management understand what it is you want them to buy.

Take, for instance, Sun's new midrange tape library, the StorageTek SL3000. While it's billed by Sun as a "little brother" to the mammoth SL8500, it's nowhere near little, weighing in at 2,935 pounds. At $68,000, that's $23 per pound.

"Listen, boss, I know that's a lot of money, but you get a TON of equipment for that!"

Let's try a few more butcher-block storage pricing examples, snatched from recent headlines:

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