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DevOps Success Requires Equal Parts Dev & Ops

In the push toward DevOps, much of focus is on software developers and development, but without equal investments on the operations side, progress slows down. In this episode of Talking DevOps, Josh Atwell, Developer Advocate for NetApp SolidFire, emphasizes the concept of balance and the need for adequate attention on the operations side of the equation. 

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Cloud Migration Key Points To Consider

Thinking about migrating applications to the cloud? Dave Marcus, Senior VP for Strategic Alliances at K2 explains what you should be thinking about before you get started. He covers the importance of understanding business and technical goals, why security and compliance must be top of mind, and how setting realistic expectations can make your migration go more smoothly.

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8 Free WiFi Analyzers

Need to pump up your wireless LAN performance? The free tools in this infographic will help measure signal, detect interference, and troubleshoot common problems.

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