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Jim Rapoza is Senior Research Analyst at the Aberdeen Group and Editorial Director for Tech Pro Essentials. For over 20 years he has been using, testing, and writing about the newest technologies in software, enterprise hardware, and the Internet. He previously served as the director of an award-winning technology testing lab based in Massachusetts and California. Rapoza is also the winner of five awards of excellence in technology journalism, and co-chaired a summit on technology industry security practices. He is a frequent speaker at technology conferences and expositions and has been regularly interviewed as a technology expert by national and local media outlets including CNN, ABC, NPR, and the Associated Press.

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Adobe Muse: Web Authoring For Designers

Released as a preview or early beta, Adobe Muse is a code-free tool for building websites. Muse uses a drag-and-drop interface to make it possible to construct a site’s entire architecture, build and design pages and add rich content without having to know any HTML, CSS or JavaScript.

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Convergence Protects Against Fraudulent Web Security Certificates

Recent problems with certificate authorities have exposed major problems with the trustworthiness of Web browser security. Rather than simply trusting a signed SSL certificate, Convergence, a free Firefox extension, checks with several trusted certificate sites, or notaries. If all of the notaries agree that the certificate is accurate, Convergence gives the go-ahead to use the site.

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Facebook's Open Compute Summit Pushes Open Hardware For The High End

At the Open Compute Summit this week in New York, Frank Frankovsky, Facebook’s director of hardware design and supply chain, opened the proceedings by saying, "Open source is not just something that you can use to describe software, but also to describe the hardware space." That is the goal for the Open Compute Project, which aims to spur the development of cheaper servers and more efficient data centers.

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Infoblox Aims To Ease Growing IP Address Management Headaches

As more and more Internet-enabled devices find their way onto company networks, the task of managing IP addresses and DNS requests for these devices becomes harder and harder. Network infrastructure vendor Infoblox has released the Trinzic Multi-Grid Manager, a new appliance designed to handle large amounts of DNS and DHCP traffic.

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InteropNet's IPv6 Network Evolves For Interop New York

Some of the most interesting technology to be seen at this week's Interop will be running inside of the show’s InteropNet network. That’s because, as was the case at the spring Interop show in Las Vegas, IPv6 will be a big part of InteropNet, serving as both a demonstration of the technology that will run the Internet in the near future and, at the same time, providing a good set of lessons learned for businesses deploying IPv6.

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Tufin Looks To Take Firewall Management To The Next Level

Tufin Technologies has long offered tools for managing firewalls and has even provided capabilities to monitor next-generation, application-aware firewalls. But with the release of the Tufin Security Suite 6.0, the company makes it possible to directly set and define next-generation firewall policies from their management tools.

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Trend Micro Looks To Secure Cloud And Virtual Systems

While security concerns don’t always get the attention they deserve in discussions about the cloud and virtual infrastructures, this week’s VMworld 2011 conference saw an increased interest in security solutions. Joining this trend was security vendor Trend Micro, which announced Deep Security 8, a product that adds increased capabilities for monitoring and securing virtual environments.

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Black Hat Will Once Again Show Our Security Weaknesses

The most important thing about Black Hat is the reality check it provides on just how insecure everything really is, from computers to networks to mobile devices to industrial and other systems that are now increasingly connected and exposed. And this week’s Black Hat will be no exception, as several scheduled demos will display just how scary some of these security holes can be.

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Endace Brings Real-World Data To Network Testing

For many businesses, testing the capabilities of their networks, and the core systems that run on those networks, requires using some form of testing device to generate a load of simulated traffic to find out where and when problems will occur under heavy loads. But what if a company could use its own traffic to test its networks? The Endace Capture Replay System makes it possible to record up to 16 TBytes of a company’s network traffic and then use that recorded traffic as a basis for net

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Don't Get Snagged By Spear Phishers

For one growing security concern, basic security systems and good user awareness may not be enough to keep users and businesses protected. In some of the recent cases of spear phishing, even trained security personnel were tricked into surrendering personal data or infecting systems with malware.

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No Data Privacy In The Cloud

Most people understand that data in the cloud won’t have the same level of security and privacy that data inside your corporate firewall has. But some recent news has shown just how insecure your cloud-based data really is.

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Cloud Provider OpSource Acquired By Data Dimension

Cloud platform vendor OpSource has been acquired by services firm Dimension Data and is slated to become a part of the company’s new Cloud Solutions business unit. OpSource is a cloud and managed hosting provider with enterprise solutions for creating and managing public, private and hybrid cloud solutions.

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Enterprise Social Networks And Security Risks

While attending UBM TechWeb's Enterprise 2.0 Conference in Boston last week, I heard lots of conversations about the benefits and potential pitfalls of enterprise social networking. One theme that I heard repeated more than a few times was that enterprise social networks can create a greater security risk.

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Securing What You Don't Own

What do you do when the laptops, smartphones and tablets accessing company resources are owned by employees? You may find that traditional methods of security and management will be much harder to implement.

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Fluke Networks Builds A Tablet For IT

Tablets invading the workplace has mainly been seen as a problem for IT. But what about a tablet designed for IT and specifically for network management? That’s the idea behind Fluke Network’s OptiView XG, a management tablet loaded with Fluke Network’s network analysis and testing tools, and with the hardware needed to monitor any wired or wireless network.

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RockMelt Social Web Browser Revealed

RockMelt, a new browser backed by Mosaic and Netscape web pioneer Marc Andreessen, tightly integrates web browsing with social networking, letting users easily track their Facebook friends, Twitter feeds and changing news feeds, while surfing the web. RockMelt is not the first attempt to reimagine the web browser as a social tool. Back in 2005, the Flock browser was released with similar ambitions. Initially based on Mozilla's Gecko rendering engine, the forthcoming 3.0 version of Flock will, li

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