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George Crump is president and founder of Storage Switzerland, an IT analyst firm focused on the storage and virtualization segments. With 25 years of experience designing storage solutions for datacenters across the US, he has seen the birth of such technologies as RAID, NAS, and SAN. Prior to founding Storage Switzerland, he was CTO at one the nation’s largest storage integrators, where he was in charge of technology testing, integration, and product selection. George is responsible for the storage blog on InformationWeek's website and is a regular contributor to publications such as Byte and Switch, SearchStorage, eWeek, SearchServerVirtualizaiton, and SearchDataBackup.
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posted in June 2010

Deduplication And Solid State Disk, A Perfect Match?

Solid State Disk (SSD) is the medium that storage managers are looking at to address storage performance problems in their environment. Deduplication is what they look at to address out of control capacity requirements. Rarely do you see the two technologies linked, but these two may be a perfect match.

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Cloud Update: Providers

As we continue through our quick update of the cloud storage market, this entry will focus on the providers. I describe this group as the data asset holders and as predicted last year, this segment is getting crowded in a hurry, with big names and ones you never heard of. Cloud storage providers are coming from everywhere; software companies, storage hardware companies, server hardware companies, managed hosting services, telecommunications companies and E-commerce book retailers. Providers will

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Cloud Update - ISVs

The cloud storage market consists of three segments: Independent Software Developers (ISV) that put a face on cloud storage, providers that actually hold the data assets and cloud storage hardware and software suppliers that arm the providers with the solutions they need to hold and manage those assets. Over the next few entries I'll provide an update on how each of these segments is doing. First up is what I believe is the most important aspect of cloud storage, the ISVs.

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Desktop Virtualization May Break Storage

As day two of the BD Event drew to a close, the closing keynote was delivered by Peter Levine of Citrix. Mr. Levine gave an excellent presentation on desktop virtualization and closed with a warning for storage vendors. The key issue is the impact that desktop virtualization will have on storage capacity and I/O demands, and desktop virtualization vendors need help addressing it.

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Cofio's Unique Approach To Deduplication

Deduplication, at least from a backup standpoint, is about efficiently storing data on a backup device. Some suppliers leverage either block-based incremental, continuous data protection (CDP) or source-side deduplication to increase the efficiency of data going across the network to the backup target. Cofio's AIMstor application takes the unique approach of using all of the available techniques for maximum optimization across the network and on secondary storage devices.

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Deduplication As An API

In my last entry I discussed the value of primary storage deduplication. In that entry I stated that for the benefits of the technology to be realized the storage vendors were going to have to get it implemented. This can be done via a third party appliance of course but many vendors are trying to figure out how to do this themselves. If they don't have the technology fully baked at this point the development cycle may be too long and the storage system supplier may be at risk of missing the boa

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Do We Need Primary Storage Deduplication?

With the recent buzz around a few new primary storage deduplication products, I've seen the question of primary storage deduplication's value come up more than once. After all, if you are managing your storage correctly there shouldn't be much duplicate data, especially on primary storage right? Sure, and we all archive all of our old data to tape as soon as it has not been accessed for 90 days. Even in a well-managed system there is redundant data on primary storage, so deduplication's benefits

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If It's Not Broke, Break It

In my last entry ( I covered some of the challenges that legacy storage vendors have when adding previously unthought of capabilities to a storage system not designed to support them. At some point though does it make sense to start fresh and leave the legacy platform behind, basically breaking what isn't broken?

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The Challenges of Legacy Storage

Sometimes it's tough being a legacy storage supplier. To maintain backward compatibility, your early success sometimes becomes your greatest inhibitor. We've seen some of these legacy vendors struggle to bolt on capabilities like virtualization and thin provisioning to existing platforms. There is foundational change being driven by hardware advances like Solid State Disk (SSD), Serial Attached SCSI (SAS) and Massive Array of Idle Disks (MAID).

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